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Why should I sign up with OutboundMusic.com?

You should join our team because OutBoundMusic.com is the most artist-oriented music promoter and distributor in the industry. We consider the artists we work with our partners. Our internet radio stations broadcast free and with limited commercial interruptions to a worldwide audience. The songs we select for broadcast are placed into high rotation.

-- OutboundMusic disperses at least 15% of our radio advertisement revenue to the artists we broadcast. The split of this dispersement is based on actual listens: the more listens a song gets, the greater the portion of dispersement to that song's artist.

-- OutboundMusic provides a webpage and fully-serviced store for each artist. The artist is able to sell digital music in the form of single songs or full CDs. The artist is also able to sell physical CDs and other merchandise should they choose.

-- The artist sets the price on all merchandise and receives 85% of the retail price from sales. OutboundMusic covers the credit card processing fees and takes care of all digital music delivery or merchandise shipping.

-- OutboundMusic offers excellent customer service to the fans purchasing such music or merchandise. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and usually ship within 24 hours.

What type of music does OutboundMusic.com catalog? We accept only top-quality independent music from all musical genres. We approve only submissions from artists owning their masters or from that artist's legal representative. We are listening for good production quality, songs that are well-written and well-performed, and we do not want music containing lyrics that promote hate, bigotry, or violence. Controversial subject matter is ok. Expressions of anger or other emotions is ok. Language is ok--it's what is said, not how it's said that matters.

Are there any fees associated with membership?
We charge a one-time, non-refundable fee of $10.00
for your initial music submission/membership request. Beyond that, there are no fees. We believe the privilege of dealing only in quality music is compensation enough to offset the work we do for you.

If my music is accepted what comes next?
If your music is accepted by OutboundMusic.Com, congratulations! We will email you the information you need to get started.

How do I get paid?
We pay artists by check or via PayPal. For check payment, we pay monthly when the amount we owe is at least $10.00. For PayPal, we pay monthly when the amount we owe is at least $10.00 or when payment is requested.

or submit songs through musicxray