Zakaria Med. Brahami

A&R Manager

Zakaria Med. Brahami is more than just Outbound Music’s MENA A&R Manager. He is a student of political science. He is an activist and self-acclaimed anarchist. He is a lover of music and art. And he has a vision that is shared by Outbound Music.

Zakaria has a master’s degree in political science with a specialty in public policies and cultural policies. He is a leader in a huge cultural movement in Algeria called Mayhem Corporation.  With its credo “the artistic revolution”, Mayhem Corporation aims to free the artist sleeping inside Algerian youth. Through artistic and cultural activism, this movement is awakening Algerian society to the beauty of the cinema, music, poetry and literature in all their forms.

Zakaria believes that art is a form of spirituality capable of inspiring, unifying and leading people to a higher, clearer understanding of themselves. As A&R Manager for Outbound Music’s MENA team, Zakaria is working to open intellectual and artistic borders between the Middle-East and North Africa region and the rest of the world.

Zakaria’s vision is the unification of societies through music and art, the removal of borders and the expansion of a new generation of musicians and the celebration of music and art throughout the world. Zakaria is bold and fearless leader of the artistic revolution.