Abdelhak Bensaoula short biography

Technology coordinator

Abdelhak Bensaoula holds a Physics undergraduate degree, a Masters in Process Control and Monitoring and a Ph.D. in Physics. Since 1990 and until 2014 he was a full research professor of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering and the New Product Development Lead in a Small High Technology Firm. While most of his career was devoted to developing new materials for optoelectronics and electronic device applications, Abdelhak Bensaoula’s research focus included energy conversion and sensing devices, renewable energy generation and storage and energy harvesting for autonomous systems deployment.

Dr. Abdelhak Bensaoula has expertise in thin film synthesis, various in-situ and ex-situ surface and bulk characterization tools as well as etching techniques and device fabrication instrumentation. He has published over 300 papers in peer reviewed Journals and has more than 25 patents in novel sensors and devices applications. He is currently leading several projects related to implementing wireless technology and social networks, advanced sensors and big data science in zero energy buildings and novel food production technologies.

At OutboundMusic, Dr. Abdelhak Bensaoula is involved in projects to combine wireless Apps, social networks and data analysis to effectively and efficiently promote independent recording artists and their live performances.  He heads the effort to create the team that develops and implements the databases, search and analysis algorithms and "nudge" algorithms critical for the success of this project.

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